The woman inside

With Bea, I just remember how vulnerable she was. She had this gruff exterior. But the truth is, if you told her a sad story, she could be reduced to tears, quickly. She had a lot of emotions inside. And her persona was one of someone strong and gruff. But that’s not who the woman [Lire la suite]

Pink Washing aux Oscars

The Academy is supposedly a trade group, and yet it devoted its opening number to degrading a good part of its membership. And who knows what the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus thought that it was doing by serving as MacFarlane’s backup singers, but it’s hard not to wonder what the rhetorical point was meant [Lire la suite]

The Alarm Clock

Réalisé avec les chutes d’Anchorman, le film Wake Up Ron Burgundy, est sur YouTube et ya Maya Rudolph dedans. (Ce qui veut dire qu’ils l’ont coupé au montage, les fous.) Et The Alarm Clock, quel nom fabuleux pour un groupuscule révolutionnaire.


I think Molly is a really great actor and she was really coming at it from the inside out, as opposed to just applying a silly wig and saying, I’m doing this character. But I also think she had a fearlessness. She’d just set her scene up and say, I want the chairs like that. [Lire la suite]

Bossypants en 8 citations

Gay people don’t actually try to convert people. That’s Jehovah’s Witnesses you’re thinking of. I had grown up as the whitest girl in a very Greek neighborhood, but in the eyes of my new classmates, I was Frida Kahlo in leggings. I think God designed our mouths to die first to help us slowly transition [Lire la suite]

Jane & Amy

Amy Poehler et Jane Lynch discutent pendant une heure devant une caméra, sur scène, en live, le 12 février 2012. De rien. (Même si le son est caca.) (Et qu’il y a pas d’embed.)