I think Molly is a really great actor and she was really coming at it from the inside out, as opposed to just applying a silly wig and saying, I’m doing this character. But I also think she had a fearlessness. She’d just set her scene up and say, I want the chairs like that. And then on the live show she would just run into them. I mean, those folding chairs hurt when you fall into them. And she frickin’ bruised the shit out of herself but she would get and applause and people would go ape shit.

Saturday Night Live: The Girls’ Club, The New Yorker.

I love Molly Shannon so much. Je n’arrive à croire que certaines personnes pensent —et osent dire— que les femmes sont moins drôles. Du sexisme dans sa forme la plus pure.

(Et ce soir, c’est Margaret Cho! Hiiiiiii!)




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