Homophobia in Russia

The minorities are always the first ones to suffer when a country is turning into a dictatorship. We know that bigots are stupid, but let this reminds us that the police is never going to be our friend : Eggs and punches at Russia gay march. “Where are the police? Why aren’t you protecting us?”… Poursuivre la lecture Homophobia in Russia

Aucun regrets

J’aime bien quand M. fait des posts de plus de deux lignes, surtout pour bien nous raconter une belle histoire avec Marianne Faithfull en guest-star : No Regrets (Liverpool).

Fag FM

Finally one good reason for me to buy a radio : [Proud FM|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIRR-FM|en], a [commercial radio station for the LGBT community|http://www.proudfm.com/|en] is to launch on April 16 at 103.9 FM in Toronto, after, of course, a [little bit of drama|http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070409.wxproud09/BNStory/Entertainment/|en]. It’s already testing its signal.

Support Glitteracy

As I push those the whole day long in the bookstore where I work, this is frelling funny : [Pimp my book cart|http://www.overduemedia.com/blog.aspx?post=745|en], via [gatsu gatsu|http://www.gatsugatsu.com/1083|fr].

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Freedom of bigotry

Sometimes, something reminds me we really are in North America : Parents protest gay-friendly classes in B.C.: Thousands of British Columbians have signed petitions and sent letters to the Education Ministry insisting that parents be allowed to pull their children from public school lessons to avoid gay-friendly messages that conflict with religious or family values.

Proof of Procreation

Pure logic. If the Washington Supreme Court can rule that the state could prevent gay and lesbian couples from marrying because it has a legitimate interest in preserving marriage for procreation (as it did last summer), married people should file “proof of procreation” to get marriage benefits : Gay Rights Activists Introduce Initiative that Would… Poursuivre la lecture Proof of Procreation