The Alarm Clock

Réalisé avec les chutes d’Anchorman, le film Wake Up Ron Burgundy, est sur YouTube et ya Maya Rudolph dedans. (Ce qui veut dire qu’ils l’ont coupé au montage, les fous.) Et The Alarm Clock, quel nom fabuleux pour un groupuscule révolutionnaire.

La face sombre de Miyazaki

[SPOILERS, obviously, pour les deux du fond qui n’aurait pas vu Toroto et Chihiro]


The story is far from a happy one. According to him, and apparently a popular urban legend in itself, Totoro and his magical friends are in fact Shinigami, that is to say the gods of death, the grim reaper. Pretty cute for a grim reaper, huh?

Tonari No Totoro, Sukekomashi Gaijin.

La mort est présente clairement dans le film, avec le personnage de la mère, mais apparemment, pas seulement. Les événements décrits ont été rapprochés du meurtre réel d’une fillette, le cas Sayama. Et dans le film, les fillettes seraient mortes, puisqu’elles voyagent dans le Chat Bus.


During the Edo period, these public baths became popular for men because of women who started working at these communal baths, washing men and selling sex. These bath houses were called “yuna baro”. The woman were known as 湯女, or “yuna”. This directly translates to “hot water woman”. So basically, they were brothels. Guess what the woman who ran this bath house would be called?



Interesting Fact About 千と千尋の神隠し, Cering.

Chihiro se retrouverait donc dans un bordel et je dois dire que ça colle très bien avec le malaise suscité par certaines scènes. Sans oublier le Sans Visage, qui insiste continuellement pour lui donner de l’argent, sans qu’on comprenne bien pourquoi.

La beauté et l’émotion dégagées par les films de Miyazaki ont peut-être empêché la plupart d’appréhender la profondeur de ces œuvres. je ne sais pas si ces théories ont un fond de vérité, je ne parle pas Japonais. Mais je dois avouer que ça se conjugue plutôt bien avec le non-dit et l’horreur qu’on devine parfois dans ces dessins animés. Le sexe et la mort, forces de la nature si chère à l’auteur, ne doivent pas être loin.


Les 10 films les plus piratés de 2011 ne sont pas disponibles en ligne

And if you don’t make your product available legally, guess what? The people will get it illegally. Traffic to illegal download sites has more than sextupled since 2009, and file downloading is expected to grow about 23 percent annually until 2015. Why? Of the 10 most pirated movies of 2011, guess how many of them are available to rent online, as I write this in midsummer 2012? Zero. That’s right: Hollywood is actually encouraging the very practice they claim to be fighting (with new laws, for example).

How Hollywood Is Encouraging Online Piracy, David Pogue, Scientific American. Du-uh.

Le storytelling, version pixar

#1: You admire a character for trying more than for their successes.

#2: You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun to do as a writer. They can be v. different.

#3: Trying for theme is important, but you won’t see what the story is actually about til you’re at the end of it. Now rewrite.

#4: Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.

#5: Simplify. Focus. Combine characters. Hop over detours. You’ll feel like you’re losing valuable stuff but it sets you free.

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar, io9.

Faire sens de Prometheus

[#SPOILERS] Ne tournons pas autour du pot, Prometheus est un film raté et c’est d’autant plus attristant qu’un vrai bon film se cache à l’intérieur. Il fallait juste se débarrasser du scénariste Damon Lindelof (qui avait aussi commis Lost, ceci expliquant cela).

Ci-dessous, une liste de liens pour essayer de faire sens de ce chaos, parce que, c’est un drôle d’effet du film, comme une rémanence de ce qui aurait pu être, on a envie de discuter de l’histoire pour la mettre en ordre, de se mettre à écrire un scénario correct et de supplier Scott de retourner son film avec.

The storytellers of Prometheus — or so I like to imagine — sat down and said, “Okay, we need to retrofit an origin for the Alien mythology, and we’ve got this basket full of lofty ideas we can play with. We’ve got fate and free will and faith. We’ve got questions of science and ethics. Plus we’ve got all these other little awesome things — body horror and sci-fi tropes and spaceships and corporations and, y’know, aliens. It’s great!” And they went off to the races imagining the sequence of events necessary to bring the story backward far enough to explain the origins of, oh, all of mankind and then forward enough so that the audience starts to see where the Alien mythology comes from.

Somewhere, I like to also imagine one of the writers squinting and lifting a delicate finger and, when someone calls on him he says, “Ummmm. So. What about the characters?” * blink blink blink*

And then there’s a lot of ohh and mmmm and ahh yes right of course, and then they get to figuring out the characters. But that’s already the wrong order. The machine is built. Now the characters can only fit into it — like plugs, like gears. It’s an inorganic fit, as if characters are just automatons shuffled onto the stage.

Prometheus: In Which The Gods Of Plot Punish The Characters For Their Precious Agency, Chuck Wendig, Terrible Minds.

How bad is it? The one and only character who doesn’t feel like a robot is, in fact, a robot. The protagonists are so flat and irritating that you end up rooting for the aliens to wipe out humanity—just as long as these guys die first. Nothing about this movie makes sense—not in the cool David Lynchian “makes you think” way, but rather in a “you didn’t think very much about this script, did you?” way. It’s what happens when nobody tells you your apres-bong dorm conversations were not, in fact, super deep.

What’s Wrong With Prometheus (a Partial List), Julian Sanchez.

I think about halfway through the film decides that Elizabeth Shaw (played by Noomi Rapace) should be the main character, but there’s no real reason for this other than most of the other people have already died. This is fine for a survival horror film like Alien, where Ripley kind of turns into the main character as the plot progresses, but in a science fiction film with a very different narrative focus, it doesn’t work. I get the feeling she was tapped to be the remaining character because the want her to remind the audience of Ripley. This, however, does not work because they are wildly different characters, no matter how many visual parallels the film shoves in. As such, I will henceforth refer to the character as “Not Ripley.”

5 Ways to Improve Prometheus (Spoilers), Indistinguishable From Magic.

So, we know something about the Engineers, a founding principle laid down in the very first scene: acceptance of death, up to and including self-sacrifice, is right and proper in the creation of life. Prometheus, Osiris, John Barleycorn, and of course the Jesus of Christianity are all supposed to embody this same principle. It is held up as one of the most enduring human concepts of what it means to be ‘good’.

Seen in this light, the perplexing obscurity of the rest of the film yields to an examination of the interwoven themes of sacrifice, creation, and preservation of life. We also discover, through hints, exactly what the nature of the clash between the Engineers and humanity entailed.

Prometheus Unbound: What The Movie Was Actually About, Cavalorn.

Combien coûterait la reconstruction de New York suite aux combats des Avengers?

Overall, the total cost to rebuild buildings, water, electrical, communications, underground transport, and overground transport in new york city totals about $28,741,000,000,000 : $28.7 Trillion. This does not count the sewer system, the gas mains, landmarks, or the cost to clear and clean up the wreckage.

How much damage in terms of monetary value, time and labour would it cost to repair New York City after one Marvel Universe battle?, Reddit.

Évidemment, il existe un fil Reddit sur le sujet dont nous parlions avec Max l’autre jour. Beaucoup de réponses fantaisistes et peu de chiffres, malheureusement. Cette estimation ne prend d’ailleurs pas en compte les dommages à l’économie comme reconstruire la bourse, etc.

Hunger Games Tweets : White until proven black

On Tuesday, February 28th, a twenty-nine-year-old Canadian male fan of Suzanne Collins’s dystopian young adult trilogy, “The Hunger Games,” logged onto the popular blogging platform Tumblr for the first time and created a site he called Hunger Games Tweets. The young man, whom I’ll call Adam, had been tracking a disturbing trend among Hunger Games enthusiasts: readers who could not believe—or accept—that Rue and Thresh, two of the most prominent and beloved characters in the book, were black, had been posting vulgar racial remarks.

White Until Proven Black: Imagining Race in Hunger Games, The New Yorker — The Book Bench. J’ai lu pas mal de trucs sur cette histoire délirante sur Tumblr. Hallucinant mais également tellement éclairant sur la difficulté, voire l’impossibilité pour une partie de la jeunesse blanche à se reconnaître dans un personnage joué par un ou une actrice noire, une chose que les minorités ont appris à faire depuis l’enfance.

Bully et la véritable obscènité

With its unerring instinct for being on the wrong side of every major social and aesthetic issue, the Motion Picture Association of America’s ratings board has refused to budge off its R rating for “Bully,” an earnest and moving documentary made for and about tormented preteens and teenagers. There’s almost a perverse, Santorum-style integrity about the MPAA’s staunch resistance. Its ratings board — an anonymous group of Los Angeles-area parents — stands tall for some unspecified and imaginary set of American values, in the face of a viral lobbying campaign that has enlisted Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres and nearly 500,000 other people, and made an overnight media celebrity out of 17-year-old Katy Butler, a self-described victim of bullying who started the online petition.


As I see it, the smatterings of profane language make a convenient stand-in for all the stuff in “Bully” that’s genuinely obscene, and that can and should make us all uncomfortable. Like the story of Kelby Johnson of Tuttle, Okla., a 16-year-old out lesbian who has been ostracized by her entire town, including her teachers, school officials and other authorities; or 17-year-old Tyler Long of rural Georgia, an awkward and introverted kid who hanged himself in his bedroom closet after years of taking abuse from classmates and being ignored by adults; or 14-year-old Ja’Meya Jackson of Yazoo County, Miss., who went to prison after confronting her school-bus tormentors with a loaded gun.

Why the MPAA doesn’t want your kid to see “Bully”, Salon. Assez jeunes pour être sadisés mais trop jeunes pour en être informés, le comble de l’obscène. Au cœur de ce débat, on sent que la question de l’homosexualité supposée ou réelle, l’«étrangeté» de ces enfants, crispe la MPAA, comme elle aveugle toutes les associations familialistes. Une pétition a été lancée pour que la MPAA revienne sur sa décision.. Les producteurs ont annoncé qu’ils sortiraient le documentaire dans les salles sans classement.