Tamasaburō V

Tamasaburo Bando, «trésor national vivant du Japon», passe à Paris au théâtre du Châtelet en février.

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La face sombre de Miyazaki

[SPOILERS, obviously, pour les deux du fond qui n’aurait pas vu Toroto et Chihiro] Totoro The story is far from a happy one. According to him, and apparently a popular urban legend in itself, Totoro and his magical friends are in fact Shinigami, that is to say the gods of death, the grim reaper. Pretty… Poursuivre la lecture La face sombre de Miyazaki


La femme idéale au Japon est un homme via Le baiser de Miwa Akihiro.Ce sourire.

I still see things

On Aug. 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on my hometown, Hiroshima. I was there, and only 7 years old.  A Flash of Memory, by Issey Miyake.


An Enclave of Brazilians Is Testing Insular Japan : Immigration is an unpopular and politically delicate topic. But the country’s 317,000 Japanese-Brazilians – whose children are growing up in Japan and, in many cases, coming of age here – effectively make up Japan’s largest immigrant population.