Le genre est un terrain de jeu

Il faut lire cette interview, Gender Is a Playground, de Kate Bornsteinn, «gender outlaw», par Zackary Drucker dans le numéro hiver 2017 de Aperture, et entre autre ce passage sur les tensions entre culture drag et personnes trans*:

There’s intense polarization on many levels within the trans community these days—one of them is between drag queens and transgender women, who claim that drag queens hold on to male privilege. But, my guess is that none of these transgender women has met a drag queen out of drag. For the most part, they are highly effeminate men, sometimes just flaming fags. They have no privilege out in the world. And they are wonderfully nonbinary. Drag is a queer identity. Female impersonation is a straight identity. So, female impersonation is what transgender women might be objecting to. Out of their female clothes, those men retain male privilege.

La citation du titre est très belle, également:

When gender is a binary, it’s a battlefield. When you get rid of the binary, gender becomes a playground. All kinds of ways of looking at gender can peacefully coexist.