États-Unis: L’homoparentalité avant l’ouverture du mariage

But this isn’t the only way that civil rights advance. A few decades ago, openly gay and lesbian Americans did not have the legal right to raise their own biological children, much less adopt. Today, more than 25 states recognize the same legal benefits and responsibilities of parenthood regardless of sexual orientation. It is now routine for gays and lesbians to jointly adopt, to be recognized as co-parents, and to collect child support or demand custody or visitation rights—even without a biological connection to the child in question. All this has happened without the hallmarks of a traditional rights campaign. There were very few high-profile court cases, few legislative battles, and little public debate. In sharp contrast to marriage equality—where between 1993 and 2003 two pro-marriage rulings incited over 35 state bans—parenting litigation has provoked minimal public backlash.

” Under the Gaydar, Washington Monthly.

très intéressant de constater que ce qui semble bloquer chez tant de réacs en France —l’homoparentalité et les “nouvelles” familles— est ce qui a avancé le plus, et relativement discrètement, aux États-Unis, tout en préparant le terrain pour la bataille du mariage qui se joue actuellement, là-bas aussi.