Keep them out of gay bars

Ladies, we don’t mind going to your bachelorette parties, because we love and support you as friends even if we find it a little insulting (and genitally incorrect) that you keep calling us “one of the girls.” However, if we don’t know you, we have no interest in being at your party. That means keep them out of gay bars. We know you want to look at strippers, but you have to find somewhere for women to do it. Go to Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under or some strip night called Danglers that’s meant just for you ladies. Do not show up at a gay go-go bar and screech and squeal and push all the other patrons out of the way so you can drunkenly slip a $20 in a tiny sliver of spandex stuck up a plump, oiled backside. To you it might be one night of misbehaving, but this is our life. Please respect that, and take your high-decibel revelry somewhere that will cater to your “big day.”

An etiquette guide for straight people in gay bars, Vice.

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  1. Avatar de juliette

    on dirait une version over cringe de sex and the city (Le deuxième film par ex)

  2. Avatar de juliette

    la vache mais c’est ouf !

  3. Avatar de jul

    mais il y à tant de nanas qui font vraiment çà ? il en parle comme si c’était systématique – sérieux ?

    1. Avatar de le roncier

      Dans les bars, c’est très très très courant au Canada. Dans le marais en tout cas, c’est plus dans les rues et c’est tout aussi insupportable. :)