But Saturday’s protesters felt differently. Palestinian queers have reached out to us, said Emmaia Gelman of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, and you can’t fight for queer rights in a state with no civil society. Several protesters, many of whom said they were Jewish, invoked what they called pinkwashing, Israel’s alleged touting of its progressive stance on gay rights as a way of deflecting global attention away from its treatment of Palestinians. Steve Ault, a founding Center board member who supports the protesters but wasn’t there on Saturday, says the Center is practicing exceptionalism by banning groups related to the Middle East issue. There are several African-American groups at the Center, he noted. Are they not supposed to ever discuss racism?

A Gay Community Center’s Middle-East Problem, New York Magazine. Irruption du conflit israélo-palestinien au Centre LGBT de New York.

A Toronto, en 2010, le groupe Queers Against Israeli Apartheid avait d’abord été interdit de défiler, suite à des pressions de la municipalité, avant d’être finalement autorisé à manifester par le comité d’organisation. Le groupe n’a pas défilé en 2011.

A noter que le terme pinkwashing est aussi utilisé pour dénoncer les abus de la campagne du ruban rose de lutte contre le cancer du sein.