The war on gay teens

I ask for a show of hands: How many of you feel safe at school? Of the 19 kids assembled, two raise their hands. The feeling of insecurity continues to reverberate particularly through the Anoka-Hennepin middle schools these days, in the wake of the district’s ninth suicide. In May, Northdale Middle School’s Jordan Yenor, a 14-year-old with no evident LGBT connection, took his life. Psychologist Cashen says that at Northdale Middle alone this school year, several students have been hospitalized for mental-health issues, and at least 14 more assessed for suicidal ideation; for a quarter of them, she says, “Sexual orientation was in the mix.”

One Town’s War on Gay Teens: «In Michele Bachmann’s home district, evangelicals have created an extreme anti-gay climate. After a rash of suicides, the kids are fighting back.»

Je sais, c’est un peu long, c’est en anglais, mais lisez. Je pleure comme une madeleine en pensant à ces poussins qui préfèrent mourir que d’aller à l’école. Le passage sur le suicide de Justin est intenable.




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    Marion > Et c’est (aussi) pour ça que je t’aime :)

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    Shocking…..C’est exactement ce sur quoi je travaille ici au Canada, rendre les écoles plus tolérantes et inclusives pour que tous les élèves se sentent bien!