Jobs, wikileaks and HIV

Two photos, purporting to be part of Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs medical file, show a HIV positive status. (…)
Due to the contradictory dates, possible evidence of forgery, strong motivations for fabrication, and few motivations for a legitimate revelation, the images should not be taken at face value.

Steve Jobs purported HIV medical status results, 2008. Wikileaks. So he wasn’t HIV+ but we still talk about it or he was and why aren’t we hearing about it? I don’t buy it. (I really thought I wouldn’t have to talk about SJ’s death.)




2 réponses à “Jobs, wikileaks and HIV”

  1. Avatar de garoo

    I wouldn’t have cared while he was alive either. Whether true or false (and the article I read about it said that the results were signed by a lab that didn’t even exist at the purported date), why the hell would we hear about it?

  2. Avatar de Johann

    Should we care? He’s dead. (je suis trop simpliste ces derniers jours, hum ?)