Jobs, wikileaks and HIV

Two photos, purporting to be part of Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs medical file, show a HIV positive status. (…)
Due to the contradictory dates, possible evidence of forgery, strong motivations for fabrication, and few motivations for a legitimate revelation, the images should not be taken at face value.

Steve Jobs purported HIV medical status results, 2008. Wikileaks. So he wasn’t HIV+ but we still talk about it or he was and why aren’t we hearing about it? I don’t buy it. (I really thought I wouldn’t have to talk about SJ’s death.)

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2 réponses

  1. Johann dit :

    Should we care? He’s dead. (je suis trop simpliste ces derniers jours, hum ?)

  2. garoo dit :

    I wouldn’t have cared while he was alive either. Whether true or false (and the article I read about it said that the results were signed by a lab that didn’t even exist at the purported date), why the hell would we hear about it?