Paris to the Moon

When I fire my computer in the morning and say : « Let’s see what’s up with the world? », Aaron tells me he knows I was going to surf on a French website. When I told him about my new favourite book, Paris to the Moon, by Adam Gopnik, he said to me, in one of his surprinsingly accurate moment of truth, « you like to read books about how different we are ». I paused and answered that the idea was more to enjoy the possibility of a new point of view on my culture thanks to my decision to move to North America. But you know he was right. The first feeling I can remember when I started to read that book is a cold, bitter jalousy. Here is the kind of book that could definitly achieve to convince me that I don’t have what it takes to be a writer. With humor, intelligence and grace, Adam Gopnik describe his moving from NYC to Paris with his wife and tod. He puts words on what I felt since I got here, on the differences, of course, but most importantly, on what brings us together. This book is just brilliant. I don’t know if a translation is available in French, but even if your english is not that great, it’s worth reading. I truly believe this book can single-handedly save the French from themselves. For the North American, « hélas » or « tant mieux », I don’t think we can do much for now.