Clean the streets

Blogging makes everyone a writer or a critic. MySpace makes everyone famous until there are so many famous people that no-one’s really famous for anything at all. Twitter turns every twitch, fart and half-baked thought into a global press statement. « American Idol » makes everyone a potential celebrity. The Renaissance/Romantic idea of the special person, the genius, the « superhero », is dying before our very eyes. Everybody wants to be a rockstar and nobody wants to clean the streets.

Grant Morrison. [via]


dans Non classé


Lurid Digs, horrifying gay interiors in amateur porn pictures. Forget about the dick, look at that vase. For the person whom I was talking to about that site. Crotch ahead, NSFW, if you care.


Typeface.js, un petit script pour transformer vos titres en image utilisant n’importe quelle police.