How badly do you want it ?

Bruce Labruce jette une lumière différente sur une histoire sidérante dans une discussion en deux parties avec l’artiste trans* torontoise Nina Arsenault sur le tueur présumé Luka Magnotta.

In our conversations you also had some interesting ideas about the sad, recent death of porn star Erik Rhodes, who appeared in my movie L.A. Zombie. How do you think this relates to the Magnotta story with regard to the porn world?
Through blogging, Tumblr, and his porn films, Erik Rhodes seems to have produced and documented his own suicide through methamphetamine use, steroids, mental illness, and the sex trade. Magnotta has done the same with homicide. The age-old show business question about fame is, “How badly do you want it?” Would you be willing to kill for it? Die for it? It seems symbolic that these events happened so closely to each other. The way that a lot of porn stars use Twitter and Facebook is like their own continuing reality TV show, and sometimes it seems like they are forced to go to greater and greater extremes for attention.

” An Interview with Nina Arsenault (Part 1), Bruce Labruce, Vice.

Any final thoughts about or interpretations of this disturbing case history that you would care to make?
Maybe just to mention that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is actually being removed from the 2013 version of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders, the guide used by psychologists and psychiatrists to treat patients. It’s the nature of mental illness that when these personality traits become more and more like everyone’s behavior, we can no longer call it pathology. It becomes the new normal.

” An Interview with Nina Arsenault Continues, Bruce Labruce, Vice.

Nina est par ailleurs une vraie plume, j’attendais ses chroniques hebdomadaires dans Fab’ avec impatience, quand j’habitais à Toronto.