Le rôle du sauna gay

You’re more real, you’re being yourself, and you can’t play games, said Chundydyal.

He added that your barriers for what’s acceptable change once everyone is out of their fashionable clothing and wearing identical white towels.

This inclusive environment also makes saunas a safe haven for those who otherwise aren’t accepted in society. New immigrants, for example, who have a difficult time in bars and clubs due to a language barrier, can thrive in the sauna, where little verbal communication is needed.

If not for the bathhouse, a lot of those people would not have any place to socialize. And in that way, I think [bathhouses still have] a role [today], said Chundydyal.

Rub-a-dub-dub, we studs in a tub: bathhouses are still steamy in 2012, The Sheaf. (Ma première réaction a été: mais pourquoi ne seraient-ils plus d’actualité?) L’article parle aussi du bareback dans les lieu de consommation sexuelle. Pas mal pour un journal d’étudiants de l’Université du Saskatchewan.