Would you like to pose for me?

In Webcam Venus, we asked online sexcam performers to replicate iconic works of art. This piece is an experimental homage to both fine art and the lowbrow internet phenomenon of cams. Sexcams use webcams and chat interfaces to connect amateur adult performers with an audience. Users log on to see men, women, transsexuals, couples and groups broadcast their bodies and sexuality live for the public, often performing for money. To create this experiment in high and low brow media, we assumed anonymous handles and spent a few hours each day for a month asking performers: “Would you like to pose for me?”

Webcam Venus, F.A.T. [via]

Très, très beau.

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4 réponses

  1. max dit :

    j’aime ça

  2. le roncier dit :

    Tu crois que je dois mettre des “J’aime” sur mon blog aussi ? :)

  3. Virgile dit :

    La Joconde à la fin : <3 <3 <3

  4. Antoine dit :

    Interessant ce concept !