Les leçons à tirer des films catastrophes

Their special effects can be realistic enough to make us feel like we are right there in the heart of the storm. But frequently, the heroes and heroines of these movies respond to disasters in ways that bear no resemblance to what people in the real world should do.

We can nevertheless use disaster films to consider how the characters could have been more prepared or how they should have reacted if the situation they faced was real. Check out some of our favorite disaster movies and the lessons we can learn from them.

” Disaster Movies: Lessons Learned, CDC – Public Health Matter Blog. [via]

Le meilleur conseil :

In case of an alien invasion, do not attempt to save humankind all by yourself. If an alien asks you to take it to your leader, buy yourself some time by showing it a Lady Gaga music video and dial 9-1-1 while it watches.

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